Your First Appointment

Welcome if you are new to Rawson Dental Epping! We hope you enjoy your dental experience with us and we look forward to seeing you regularly.

During your first appointment with either Dr Thuy Le or Dr Tracy Le there will be a comprehensive discussion to make sure we have all the information we need to thoroughly understand your dental requirements. We will review your medical and dental history, so we can monitor your dental health and consider any contributing factors, and provide you with a solution that will work for your individual needs.

We will also need to take some X-rays of your teeth and gums to get a good understanding of any problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye. These are kept on file, and will be referred to when assessing the progress of your dental health over time.

We will complete a dental chart of past dental work as well as any dental treatment that we discuss.

We encourage you talk to us about any concerns you might have. Rest assured that any conversation you have with us will remain strictly confidential, as will any information you provide on our questionnaire.

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