Why Choose Us?

Dentist Epping, best Epping DentistWe are available

Saturdays as well as weekday from 8am till 5:30pm for your convenience.

Emergency dental care – pain relief

We allocate time each day so we can provide pain relief to our emergency patients.

Our location is convenient

We are centrally located in Epping, less than a minute´s walk from Epping Station. There is free 2-hour car parking across the road from us.

Experienced dentists

Dr Thuy Le and Dr Tracy Le´s dental knowledge and experience extends over two decades.

Latest ‘state-of-the-art’ dental chair

Treatment is carried out using dental loupes that provide magnification of 2 1/2 times for more precise dentistry,

LED lights built into our handpieces provide us with an even clearer viewing field.

Digital radiographs provide us with instant images, that can be easily transferred to specialists and with even less radiation exposure.

We can take larger OPG radiographs that capture the entire roots of teeth, wisdom teeth, the entire jaw, sinus areas and the temporomandibular joint when necessary, so you don´t have to go elsewhere for them.

Intra-oral camera

We discuss treatment thoroughly with you and use our intra-oral camera to facilitate this by taking intra-oral photos of your teeth.  In these photos we can:

  • demonstrate any problems
  • use before and after photos for fillings or treatment
  • monitor teeth and fillings as they wear over time

Sleep dentistry

We know that patients are frequently nervous about the prospect of seeing a dentist. On request we can provide you with a sedation that can be claimed on Medicare.

We also have a portable Penthrox Inhaler, which uses Methoxyflurane, which is a relaxant that provides rapid pain relief.  These inhalers are used by the St Johns Ambulance primarily for dealing with cases of acute trauma.

Methoxyflurane’s rapid action, portability and ease of administration make it very useful for dental treatment. It is an excellent non-opioid alternative to morphine and is easier to use than nitrous oxide.

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Truly invisible orthodontics and Invisalign

We offer Invisalign and invisible orthodontics, including “braces on the inside”, and for a limited time, free teeth whitening to lighten your newly straightened teeth.

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Implant and wisdom teeth extraction

We have a consulting surgeon who can insert implants and remove difficult wisdom teeth.

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Family orientated and good with children

Dr Thuy Le and Dr Tracy Le have children of their own. Their ability to relate with children is exceptional, so they will provide your child with an enjoyable dental experience.

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Close relations with our local GPs

We meet and greet all our local GP’s and regularly correspond with them, especially regarding our patients with chronic illnesses.

Local community spirit

We are proud to support the local community and many locally-held events.

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We can process your Health Fund claim immediately at the end of your appointment using the HICAPS system. Be sure to bring your Health Fund card to every visit and just provide it to the Patient Coordinator.

As every Health Fund plan is different, we can provide you with the item numbers for the procedures you will have with us.  Before your appointment then, you can contact your Fund directly to find out how much the gap payment will be.

If you are currently with BUPA and CBHS, you might enjoy higher benefit rebates than elsewhere.

Website links and cross referrals

We strongly encourage the continued growth and promotion of local businesses.  We wish to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with other local businesses and practitioners in our local area through cross-referral by word of mouth and also via our website.  If you have your own website, we welcome your details as a link on our website and ask you to link our website on yours. Our website is rawsondental.com.au 

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