Triple P Seminar

Epping DentistHi all, I just wanted to share with you my experience with you on our inaugural Triple P seminar. It is a three part presentation or group discussion, a small intimate affair, which is held free of charge as a service for our local families and community.

I am a mother of two little ones: a 3yr old and a 1yr old. Juggling life as a working mum 4 days a week running two businesses, one newly established, has been a challenge. So I felt I needed help.

I had heard a lot about Triple P from my local playgroup. We have been part of our playgroup now for 3 years, since my eldest was a newborn. We are a close knit group. It provides a fantastic support, helping each other with trying to be the best mum/parents we can be by nutting out developmental stage issues we have been encountering. Currently our issues are: how to get our kids to eat a healthy varied diet, dealing with tantrums, day sleeps and night time routines that just seem to drag on.

So the triple P kept coming up in conversations. So I took the initiative and made some enquiries, it lead me to Resourcing Parents NSW and then Mission Australia, who runs the program. I invited Kelly to come to our practice, present the sessions to help us with all these issues and more!

During the first session covered all areas as a general summary. The good news was there were a lot of things I found that we (my husband and I) were already doing and so we were on the right track. There were many techniques that I had heard of but hadn’t explored.

The 2nd seminar we got down to the nuts and bolts of it. Simple easy to follow step with role playing so that I could really get it clear in to my head what I had to do. If it was clear for me, only then could it be clear to my 3year old.

Some useful tips I learnt were:

  • Don’t give into the whining
  • Set up simple rules and boundaries especially prior to an outing or activity (shopping expeditions come to mind!) So the steps are:
  1. Set up clear rules and boundaries
  2. The activity happens
  3. If they misbehave or break the rules give a clear warnings at arms length at their eye level, pause 5secs, repeat the warning if the behaviour continues
  4. Remove the child or the activity
  5. Wait an appropriate time when they have calmed but still remember
  6. Bring back the activity and explain they can continue again if the stick to the clear rules and boundaries
  • try quiet time before time out: it may be easier to remove the activity from the child as opposed to the child from the activity
  • Praise effort not how clever they are – this will encourage them to continue to take on challenges and problem solve
  • Set up good routines – this won’t necessary if the child rigid and inflexible, they will know what to expect and if something is different from routine, if we explain it they will quickly adapt. Picture routines may help (great idea for my 3yr old!)
  • Talk to the child with empathy to build trust so that they can come back to you if they need to confide in you overtime.
  • Role play situations. An example: when they are bullied “stop! I don’t like it…..I don’t like you calling me names” ask them to tell them how they prefer to be treated.
  • Hierarchy of Growth:
  1. meeting their physical needs,
  2. feeling safe
  3. love from the family and friends
  4. being accepted and valued by society.
  • If these foundations are established, then the child can start to achieve their full potential.
  • Encourage your child to set goals and help them see their achievements. Break down challenges into smaller achievable goals if needed.
  • Don’t compare them to others or their siblings.

It was a great 3 nights: although we (the families/ parents) who attended all heard the same information, we could apply it to different battles/issues we had. Adapt it to our own situations.

As I found it hugely beneficial on a personal level, I am happy to continue to host the seminars on a request basis. If you have a group of 6 to 8 parents (or more), from the local area who are interested in attending the Triple P seminar. I am happy to host this free of charge as a service to the local community. Just give call me. Please feel free to ask me questions or provide me with feedback, I would love to hear your own experiences too.

Our next blog/event will be: our local childcare oral health presentations. Elizabeth, our practice receptionist, took on the challenge to impart her dental knowledge on our little ones and loved it! I asked her to tell us about her experience.


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