Australian Financial Review & BOQ Articles

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I want to share some exciting news with you!

Rawson Dental Epping has been featured in two recent articles – one published in the Bank of Queensland Specialist and the other in The Australian Financial Review.

The article from the Bank of Queensland Specialist provides an in-depth description of Dr Thuy’s and Dr Tracy’s efforts over a ten-year period that resulted in them buying and fitting out our current dental premises in Beecroft Rd in Epping.

It was an amazing journey and they are now so happy that they’ve managed to achieve possession of the current location for their business.

Rawson Dental Epping is no longer at the mercy of high commercial rental fees, or of demolition orders on a leased building it is occupying, or of landlords who might want to move the dental practice out! All that stress is now behind us.

In our new stable circumstances, Rawson Dental Epping can focus on you and can provide you with a wonderfully convenient location and state-of-the-art dental surgery for your dental care.

Since Rawson Dental Epping opened in its new location on August 1 this year, Dr Thuy and Dr Tracy say that their sense of ownership and confidence has just blossomed. This dental business has all it needs to service your dental needs properly and to grow into the future!

If you wish to find out the back-story about Rawson Dental Epping’s transition from its previous precarious predicament to its current happy situation, read here …

The second article in The Australian Financial Review is based on the current 2018 version of the report, Turnover and Retention Research. This report is carried out every three years by The Australian Human Resources Institute.

This article is about the staffing issues in general that small businesses like Rawson Dental Epping experience. It discusses the help that a good accountant can provide for staffing and other issues. The accountants, ECOVIS Clark Jacobs, are one of the two accountants featured in the article and Dr Tracy was interviewed about both the Epping and Hornsby dentistry practices as examples of how small businesses manage those issues.

Rawson Dental Epping’s experience with staffing and other issues is not unique and Dr Tracy found it good to be able to tell others about the value of specialist accountancy firms for small businesses. If you wish to read more, you can find it here …