Are you tired of looking at that dark tooth? Embarrassed to take photos or just stare at that tooth which stands out every time? What can we do to help you? You can take the first step and think about veneers which will give you an amazing makeover, the transformation you have always dreamed of.

Think about Porcelain Veneers (made of porcelain) cor Bonded Composite Facings or Composite Veneers (made of a resin). What are they you might ask? Just think of veneers as a covering over the top of your natural tooth. Picture an acrylic or false nail over the top of your existing nails.

What a great improvement aesthetically. Porcelain veneers are pretty much in the same category. With porcelain, these are the best looking most natural and longest lasting type of veneer available. In the hands of a skilled ceramist, we can mimic the porcelain to almost identically match your natural teeth in the majority of scenarios. They look and feel great. The best part is, veneers present as one of the best minimally invasive procedures to cover up your teeth. In a lot of cases a thin layer of the outside surface of your tooth is prepared to accept the shape of the veneer and cover up the affected tooth. The veneer is glued to the tooth structure using the latest advancements in bonding technology available. Whether the tooth is dark discoloured chipped or the wrong shape or size or even rotated, veneers can represent a great solution to these issues.

The process begins with a consultation to see which solution matches you best. We look at what concerns you the most and what we can do for you to achieve the most optimal outcome. Whether it is a single veneer or multiple to achieve great matching, we will look to improve the appearance of your teeth to get you smiling again.
After you have decided on the veneer set up, we can go through a procedure called a diagnostic wax up if multiple veneers are involved. This essentially simulates the final outlook of your teeth and gives you great visualisation of your transformed smile.

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We can do the necessary preparations of your teeth and either take impressions or scan the teeth for veneer fabrication. The porcelain is the highest grade and most naturally looking available today.

Once the veneers are finalised, which can take up to two weeks, or even on the same day, depending on your personal aesthetic requirements, the veneers are placed for your approval prior to final cementation. Once you are happy, they are in, ready for you to parade to the world.