Oral cancer and young women

As we at your Epping Dentist are aware, people tend to think of oral cancer as a disease of older people – particularly men who have smoked tobacco and consumed alcohol heavily throughout their lives. As a result, if you do not fit that profile, you probably aren’t overly concerned about developing oral cancer yourself. However, we have to let you know something of concern. A new and unexpected trend has started that is not understood yet. Over the past 30 years, women under the age of 45 are increasingly subject to cancers of the tongue. According to the Cancer…

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Wisdom Teeth

Your children might be getting older now, no longer toddlers – they’re losing their baby teeth! Now they proudly sport wonderful gappy smiles, and the occasional adult tooth has started appearing. You’ve been careful with the advice from your Epping Dentist about teeth cleaning and diet, and that stage of your children’s childhood seems to be going fine. But you wonder how long it will go on for. And what’s the wisdom teeth story all about? During childhood, your child will acquire four incisor teeth in the front middle of each jaw (eight in total) and a pair of canine…

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Dental visits in a time of pandemic

It’s quite possible that your regular visits to your Dentist Epping went out the window during the past year with COVID-19’s interruption of our lives. Please be aware, though, that dentists in general (and that certainly includes us) have the very highest standards of infection control in the country. So there is no need to worry about visiting us! Our dental clinic is a very safe place because of our mandated and monitored infection control. On top of that, we have set the special COVID-19 preventive systems in place advised by the government. We want you to be safe in our…

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Looking after your kidneys as well as your oral health

It turns out that your Epping Dentist does much more for you than caring for your dental health – great though that is! We used to think that brushing our teeth was just for keeping our teeth clean, but now we know it’s for more than that. We also clean them for the sake of our heart’s health and for lessening the impact of Type 2 Diabetes. And now we know it helps keep our kidneys healthy, too! Apparently, there’s a two-way relationship between gum disease and chronic kidney disease (renal health). The people with chronic kidney disease with the…

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How can I get rid of the white spots on my teeth?

Even though you’ve found out what the white spots could be – and be more than happy to more diligently clean and floss your teeth daily, you might consider your white spots unsightly and want them removed if possible. If that’s the case, do come to us to discuss the situation with your Dentist Epping. Depending on the particular cause of your white spots, there should be something we can do to treat them. In any case, even if they don’t bother you, do come to see us if they enlarge or increase in number – or if you start…

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