Healthy bite – occlusion and malocclusion

When you come to your friendly dentist at Epping Dentist for a check-up, one of the things he or she will check is your occlusion – or malocclusion. “Occlusion” and “Malocclusion” are just fancy terms that refer to how the teeth in your upper and lower jaws touch each other and how they move sideways when you close your jaws. Healthy occlusion, a healthy bite, occurs when your teeth are in touch with each other as they are meant to. Your upper and lower molars will interlock simultaneously and evenly with a little more pressure than on the teeth in…

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Sleep Dentistry




Sleep dentistry

Do you religiously clean and floss your teeth every day, but never go for a checkup – and haven’t had one for years? Having a dentist poking around inside your mouth just feels too personal! At your Dentist Epping, we are very aware of this issue AND we have a solution for you, so your oral health is assured. We offer what is called Sleep Dentistry. With Sleep Dentistry, you do not have to worry about being freaked out by the dental equipment in your mouth with its noises, tastes, sounds and smells – let alone needles and pain. You…

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teeth cleaning




Coronavirus and teeth cleaning

What on earth does coronavirus have to do with cleaning teeth, you might be wondering. Well, it goes like this … You most probably want to avoid catching Covid-19, if not for your sake, but certainly, so you can’t pass it onto other family members who might be elderly or have other health issues. It would be much more dangerous for those people than yourself, perhaps. Though some young and healthy people do get very sick and suffer long-term consequences to their health – and some even die. To avoid all this, you follow the science-based protocols advertised by the…

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Oral health and heart disease

Apart from the dental problems associated with poor oral health, it appears that poor oral health is related to heart disease – heart attack and stroke. This is of concern to the competent and friendly staff at your Epping Dentist too! They want you to have a healthy mouth and a healthy heart! Researchers don’t yet know the mechanism for this relationship, so they don’t know if it is direct, indirect, or merely an association. Is it something to do with the bacteria involved in gum disease moving to the heart? Is the heart also affected by the inflammatory processes…

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Plaque and calculus

If you attend your Dentist Epping, you more than likely know that you should be brushing and flossing your teeth daily. But what exactly are you trying to remove with that brushing and flossing? Knowing the answer will make it easier for you to carry out your daily cleaning more diligently – and help you remember to do it every single day as you should. Plaque is a soft, sticky coating of toxin-producing bacteria produced when you eat. Though unseen, plaque sticks to your teeth and along your gum line. It is removed when you clean and floss your teeth…

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