If many of your teeth have been lost or extracted, a denture might be required so you can chew normally, and not have any problems with your bite [occlusion], or your speech or the appearance of your upper and lower jaws.

This happens sometimes with people who are relatively young, and overall there are millions of people all over the world who wear dentures, which improve their oral health and appearance greatly.

Improvements in our technology allow our modern dentures to look more natural and fit better than they used to.

A denture is a prosthesis and fitting one is called prosthodontics.

Types of dentures

Dr Le and associates at Rawson Dental use four types of dentures that are suitable for different situations:

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  • Partial denture
    This denture is used for filling the space left by a few missing teeth. Clasps are attached to near-by teeth to keep it in place.
  • Full denture
    This denture is used when all the upper or lower or both upper and lower natural teeth are missing.
  • Immediate denture
    This type of denture is inserted during the appointment when your teeth are extracted, so you are not left without teeth while you are waiting for your partial or full denture to be made.
  • Over-denture
    This denture is designed to be fitted:

    • over the tops of your remaining teeth
    • over tooth roots that have had root canal therapy

    It is designed with spaces in it for your remaining teeth and is attached to your remaining teeth or dental implants.

Making and fitting a denture

A denture is made of artificial teeth bonded to metal and/or acrylic base. If you need a denture, we will make an impression of your dental arch and any remaining teeth you have with a special substance. We will help you match the colour and shape of the artificial teeth to your remaining natural teeth.

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