Amalgam (silver) fillings can detract from a beautiful smile, at Rawson Dental Epping, we offer a more aesthetically pleasing material to repair cavities. Tooth coloured composite resin is durable and can be used to fix small cracks and chips where veneers or crowns are not required.

It’s possible that sometimes, you or one of your family members might have a small crack in one of your teeth, or have early decay, or a broken amalgam filling that needs a dental filling. Our family dentist will complete this for you both gently and safely.

A composite Resin is a tooth coloured filling made of a resin/plastic and glass mixture. It provides good durability and resistance to fractures for small to medium sized fillings. It can withstand moderate pressures.

It can be used to restore decayed teeth, cosmetically improve a smile by changing the colour of the teeth or reshaping and rebuilding cracked teeth.
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