Babies and Teeth

Babies and Teeth

Did you know that your child’s baby teeth started growing when it was still in the womb? But they don’t start to appear until the child is 3 to 12 months old. They don’t appear in any set order, though they mostly start with the bottom front teeth and will amount to 20 by the time the child is 3.

Your Dentist Epping knows that babies are often uncomfortable when teething. They’ll drool more than usual, want to rub their gums, bite or mouth objects, and may also be irritable.

Giving your baby plenty of cuddles will be soothing. A dummy might be too, but do not rub it with any honey or anything sugary, as that is bad for any other teeth the baby may have. You can also give them a chilled (but not frozen) teething ring or washcloth to chew or rub the back of a cold teaspoon over the inflamed gums.

If you use a teething gel, smear only a tiny amount on the affected gum to minimise how much gel the baby swallows – you don’t want your baby to end up with a numb throat.

Giving the baby some beads to chew on is not a good idea as they are a choking hazard.

Once your child has a tooth (or otherwise at their first birthday), it’s good to visit us at Dentist Epping. Why is that advisable with such a young child? It’s so we can check your baby’s mouth from a dental point of view, answer any dental-related questions, and give you tips on cleaning and caring for your child’s teeth. We can also ensure the child is comfortable in our clinic and has a trusting, positive relationship with us.

You certainly want to avoid the first visit being when your child has a toothache!

Do you receive a Family Tax Benefit A payment? Your child may be eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, which provides $1,013 of general dental treatment over two years to eligible children. Call Medicare on 132 011 or check your Medicare online account through MyGov to see if you are eligible.

Once your child has a tooth, your Dentist Epping recommends that you can gently brush all its surfaces with a small, soft brush but without toothpaste.

From 18 months to 6 years, use a children’s toothpaste, i.e., with low fluoride, and clean twice daily. Once your child has two touching teeth, use dental floss to clean between them.

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