Dental Implant

Having a dental implant is an option if you have missing teeth, have an uncomfortable denture, or want to avoid losing any existing sound tooth structure for a bridge. Your Epping Dentist assures you that implants are a 40-year-old dental advance and provide a popular, successful, and permanent solution to missing teeth.

What’s involved in getting an implant?

  1. Your Epping Dentistsurgically places a post made of titanium, which is exceptionally strong, into your jawbone to replace your missing tooth root.
  2. The bone heals and grows around the implant to hold it in place. The implant may be secure enough straight away, or a few months may be required for this healing process. In that case, we will give you temporary tooth/teeth now.
  3. The artificial tooth/teeth, designed to blend with your other teeth, are positioned. For a single tooth, we will create a customised tooth, a dental crown. For more than one tooth, we will design a customised bridge or denture to fit your mouth and the implant. In either case, the new tooth (teeth) will look natural and function just like a real tooth (teeth).

Dental implants are handy as they stop the bone loss inherent in having missing teeth and thus maintain your facial structure. Because the implant bonds with your jawbone, it can easily handle your biting and chewing role. Unlike a denture, a dental implant doesn’t weaken the adjacent teeth as it is not tied to them for support.

Implants are easy to care for – it’s the same brushing and flossing regime required by your regular teeth, together with visiting us for regular checkups.

Because we desire you to be comfortable in our surgery, we will use oral sedation and/or anaesthesia for these procedures, so you have no worries on that score.

The cost varies depending on the number of teeth being replaced and the number of implants required. Additional procedures are sometimes needed beforehand to ensure the long-term health of your new smile. Once we examine you and verify your unique needs, we’ll be able to provide you with a more specific cost. Each case is tailored for each patient.

Your Epping Dentist is delighted to confirm that an implant can restore your self-esteem and confidence – you’ll smile more easily – as you’ll look and feel better since your new teeth will look and behave just like natural teeth!

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