big tooth and the big toothbrush visit

Dental Health

The big tooth and the big toothbrush visited  Rydalmere West Preschool , a beautiful center on the grounds of the Public School which caters for age groups 3 -5 .Everyone had a turn at brushing our big tooth to make her happy.  The children were really excited to hear about keeping their mouths and teeth healthy. All the children at the center could already identify “sometimes foods “and “every day foods”.   We talked about food which made our teeth happy like dairy foods and tap water. We also discussed foods which could make our teeth sad, like lollies and juices. The children had some beautiful art work where they had cut out pictures from magazines and pasted them on to either a “happy tooth” or a “sad tooth”. We completed our chat with a little brushing song and some dancing – the children had some really great moves and they showed us how well they could brush their teeth with their imaginary toothbrush! All of the children were very excited to have their teeth “counted” by our dental hygienist.