Coronavirus and teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

What on earth does coronavirus have to do with cleaning teeth, you might be wondering.

Well, it goes like this …

You most probably want to avoid catching Covid-19, if not for your sake, but certainly, so you can’t pass it onto other family members who might be elderly or have other health issues. It would be much more dangerous for those people than yourself, perhaps. Though some young and healthy people do get very sick and suffer long-term consequences to their health – and some even die.

To avoid all this, you follow the science-based protocols advertised by the health authorities and the government. You practise social distancing and frequently wash your hands thoroughly. Perhaps wear a face mask if you have to be out in heavily congested public areas. If you are unwell, self-isolate. If you go for a Covid-19 test, self-isolate while waiting for the test results. Self-isolate if you have Covid-19.

It’s the same with your oral health – you don’t want to get dental caries or have teeth removed, or develop gum disease.

To avoid this, you follow the science-based protocols that your lovely Dentist Epping has laid out for you.
– Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
– Floss between your teeth at least once a day.
– Eat a balanced diet with minimal sugary foods and drinks.
– Have regular dental checkups with your Dentist Epping.

In each case, it is a matter of following the established protocol to keep yourself healthy.

There’s another similarity between avoiding coronavirus and teeth cleaning too. After a while, the protocol for each one can seem to be a bit of a bore. It’s easy to forget to socially distance. It’s a nuisance to have to keep on washing your hands. Brushing your teeth can be boring – flossing is a nuisance. Fitting in a dental checkup can be difficult.

Remember, though, why you are following each protocol! You want to stay healthy.

You don’t want to give the coronavirus a chance! You don’t want to give the bacteria in your mouth a chance! Your Dentist Epping wants you to be thoroughly persistent – in both cases – and stay healthy.