Dental anxiety

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If thinking about visiting a dentist makes you nervous, you are not the only one! You might be worried about what the dentist will discover or that it might be painful. We at your Dentist Epping understand as this reaction is very common and make every effort to take care of you – as well as your teeth.

Please remember, though, that delaying your visit just plays into your anxiety and makes it worse. Meanwhile, any dental issues you may have will deteriorate with time.

To start you on a roll, we’re pleased to be able to give you some strategies to help you deal with your fears.

Please let us know from your very first contact with us that you are concerned about the visit. Being open with us about your fears will lighten your burden and also let us know that you need some TLC – which we are more than happy to provide!

When you arrive for your appointment, remind your Dentist Epping, too, so you’re sure we haven’t forgotten! It may even help to tell us about any bad experience you’ve had in the past. And don’t hold back on asking questions to ease your fears of the unknown. Work out a signal with your dentist, which means you need a break. If you know you have a low pain tolerance and find a local anesthetic painful, tell them so they can take that into account.

You can also do things to take your mind off the examination, so it is not so nerve-wracking. Bringing headphones with your favourite music or audiobook might help, or squeezing a stress ball, or playing with a fidget spinner.

You can use your mind to help calm yourself while waiting for your appointment or sitting in the dental chair. Which of the following appeals to you?

  • Do you have a special happy place you can visualise where you can see yourself enjoying whatever you love doing there?
  • Mindfully relaxing your muscles will help, too. A body scan is suitable for this: starting at your head, focus on relaxing each group of muscles as you go – the back of your head, your forehead, your jaw, and so on – as you gradually move down to your toes.
  • Inhaling and exhaling your breath slowly, each for the same number of counts, is calming as well.

On the day, your Dentist Epping will treat you very gently and welcome any questions and suggestions from you to help your visit be relaxed and comfortable.

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