Dentistry for people with special needs

Epping Dentist

Is there someone in your family with special needs? Someone who is very old or perhaps has Alzheimer’s disease? Someone with Down syndrome, a spinal cord injury, or Asperger’s syndrome, perhaps? Someone with some other condition, mental, physical, developmental or cognitive, who needs special care when visiting a dentist or receiving dental treatment?

If so, please call us at the Epping Dentist to discuss their situation so we can assist you and them by helping care for their dental health and doing that in the most gentle, calming, and positive way possible.

Everyone has dental health needs, and people with special needs should not miss out on dental care.

Mouth health is vital for minimising dental problems like dental caries and gum infections. And having a healthy mouth is also vital for overall health as a healthy mouth will not become a source for inflammation elsewhere in the body – and thus help avoid chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

We aim to treat all our patients with compassion and understanding, more so when that person has special needs!

Your Epping Dentist knows, too, that being prepared for the visit ahead of time by having a discussion with the person’s carer makes a big difference. Knowing what the person’s difficulties are, what will trigger panic, and what is calming helps us to relate to your special needs person with greater sensitivity.

Perhaps it would be good to spread what would typically be done in one visit over more than one visit? That way, there is plenty of time for the person to become familiar with us, being in a dental surgery, and our equipment. We’d love to work out with you or their carer what will be best for your special needs person.

We are used to proceeding very slowly with very little children on their initial visits so as not to spook them. We let them meet all the friendly people here, give them a ride in the chair, and introduce them to teeth brushing. We can adapt that approach to the needs, understanding, and skills of your person with special needs.

We at your Epping Dentist will approach your special needs person with sensitivity, tact, and warmth, and we will be honoured to assist you in protecting their oral health.

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