Emergency appointments are available!

Dentist Epping

Life is tough and complicated during the current COVID lockdown here in NSW, and elsewhere too, of course! COVID might be raging in our community, but people’s dental issues still continue.

Unfortunately, for instance, we cannot see you for routine dental treatments such as check-ups; that is not allowed by the NSW Health Department’s COVID rules or the regulations of the NSW Dental Council.

We are very sorry about that and can only implore you to care for your oral health even more rigorously than usual. Carry on brushing and flossing your teeth to the beat of your ability. Eat healthy meals. Avoid the temptation to have sugary “treats” in these stressful times; they are no good for your teeth and play havoc with your blood sugar levels. Drink plenty of water from your tap, avoiding soft drinks, carbonated drinks and smoking whenever possible.

However, we can see you for emergency dental appointments from Monday to Saturday! If you have pain or discomfort, your Epping Dentist is open, and we are here to help you promptly.

Only limited appointments are available online, so for a dental emergency, please call us, and we will fit you in sooner than it appears online.

In this time of heightened health risk from COVID 19, we want to reassure you that our entire team and all our dentists are fully vaccinated. We practise social distancing, hand sanitising and mask-wearing to make visiting us as safe as possible for you.

Your Epping Dentist already practises the mandated infection control to the highest standard to keep you safe in our clinic.

We are already infection control experts before COVID-19 appeared on the scene. As a result, implementing the extra COVID requirements on top of that has been easy for us. We were already steeped in a science-based approach to controlling the spread of infection.

In turn, that minimises any worries you may have about us infecting you, or you infecting us, inadvertently – we are protected as much as we can be.
And as far as you go, we urge you to get yourself, and your other eligible family members vaccinated against COVID as soon as possible. From a science-based standpoint, your family’s best protection against COVID lies in that.

COVID aside, continue looking after your teeth carefully and contact us at your Epping Dentist if you need to see us about any dental discomfort; we are here for you.

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