How can I get rid of the white spots on my teeth?

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Even though you’ve found out what the white spots could be – and be more than happy to more diligently clean and floss your teeth daily, you might consider your white spots unsightly and want them removed if possible.

If that’s the case, do come to us to discuss the situation with your Dentist Epping. Depending on the particular cause of your white spots, there should be something we can do to treat them.

In any case, even if they don’t bother you, do come to see us if they enlarge or increase in number – or if you start to experience tooth pain.

And for your children, if you are concerned about white spots on their teeth, do discuss the situation with your friendly dentist.

Several treatment options for white spots are available, but what can be done depends on what caused your white spots and the overall condition of your teeth.

Your Dentist Epping might be able to treat your white spots with a new technique called microabrasion. For this, a mixture of physical and chemical abrasion (polishing/rubbing) is used to remove a minute layer of enamel from the offending superficial white spots.

Each tooth is polished for a few seconds with a mixture of an acid and some exceptionally fine grit. Afterwards, a whitening mousse is applied to the teeth in-surgery – and perhaps continued at home for a while. Long term, in addition to the white spots ‘disappearing’, the tooth enamel may become harder and smoother, and, as a result, become more resistant to decay.

Another option is to minimise the appearance of the white spots by whitening your teeth to make their colour more uniformly similar. Teeth whitening can be performed in-surgery, or you can do it at home with a customised kit your dentist makes for you.

A third option is for your dentist to customise some dental veneers to attach to your front teeth to hide the white spots. This treatment is very effective.
If your teeth have enamel hypoplasia, your dentist might apply a fluoride paste to your teeth to encourage them to produce more enamel and thus minimise tooth decay – and also minimise the appearance of the white spots.

Yet another treatment option for enamel hypoplasia is for your dentist to apply a composite resin to your teeth to fill in cavities and bond with the tooth enamel – and thus even out the colour.

So if you are concerned about the appearance of your white spots, there may well be something your Dentist Epping can do for you! It’s worth checking out for your peace of mind and your smile.

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