Water fluoridation is the topping up of the levels of naturally occurring fluoride in the water to strengthen teeth against tooth decay. Fluorides are minerals found very commonly in the earth’s crust and in all water supplies. Studies have found that people living in towns with higher levels of fluoride in the water experienced less tooth decay than people living in areas with much lower levels of fluoride.

Most Australian towns and cities were fluoridated in the 1960s and 70s, and today around 90% of Australians enjoy the decay fighting benefits of water fluoridation. Fluoridated water means fewer fillings, fewer extractions, resulting in healthier teeth, better smiles, and less pain and suffering.

Health and scientific authorities around the world have endorsed fluoridation for decades, and the number of people around the world drinking fluoridated water continues to grow. Where water fluoridation is impractical, many countries around the world use fluoridated salt or other forms of fluorides as alternatives.

Most people already use fluoride toothpaste. Is water fluoridation still needed?

Yes. Water fluoridation provides an additional benefit in strengthening teeth, especially in developing teeth where it has been shown to improve the tooth structure making it stronger and more resistant to decay. Daily fluoride toothpaste has displayed sustained resistance and topical fluoride applied by the dentist can actually reverse areas of very early decay.

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