Dental Chairs with LED Lights & Magnification Dental Loupes

Furthering our commitment to our patients when it comes to experiencing superlative, caring treatment in the comfort of a world-class health care facility. The Rawson Dentist feature state of the art dental chairs with the highest level of comfort for patients to ensure the best experience possible at the Dentist.

With LED lights from our handpieces and 2.5 dental loupe magnification we can provide precise and superior dentistry

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays

Today with the use of high resolution computer screens and ultra-sensitive sensors, we can take a simple X ray, and see the result in just 5 seconds on our screen. All this at some 90% reduction in dosage from the previously used high speed films. Your X ray is blown up to fill a computer screen and can be viewed from where you sit. They can also be digitally enhanced to show otherwise hidden problems.

Intra Oral Camera

The Intra Oral Camera is loved by our patients. It allows you to see exactly what we are talking about in regards to your teeth. The small camera is easily moved around your mouth while you watch live on the screen, allowing you to see your teeth up close and view the problem areas being explained by our dentists. It allows us to give you a guided tour of your own teeth.

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