Say No to Cracked Teeth!

Dentist Epping

If someone in your family gets a cracked tooth, a child or an elder, perhaps, please bring them to us at your Dentist Epping as soon as you can.

It could have been caused by biting some hard lollies, ice, popcorn, nuts, chewing gum, or teeth grinding at night. Or from a sporting injury or accident, or physical violence. Perhaps it was from a fall or just old age.

In any case, even if the crack appears very fine and isn’t painful, please come to us so we can check how long and deep it is in the tooth and if something needs doing to secure the tooth’s function. If any repair is advisable, it’s best to do it as soon as possible.

While waiting to come to us, get the person to rinse their mouth with salty water to clean their teeth and icepack the outside of their face to minimise any pain/swelling.

We’re aware of cracks in the upper front teeth where they are obvious and their appearance may be worrisome. They are also common in the molars on the lower jaw.

Of course, the person may not be aware they have a crack but find that chewing is now painful. Or perhaps they’ve become sensitive to hot or cold foods – or sweet foods. Perhaps they feel some swelling around a particular tooth?

Once the person comes to us at the Dentist Epping, we will carefully examine their teeth for cracks and the gums for inflammation. We’ll take a history of possible causes. We may also x-ray the teeth to see the crack’s extent.

Hairline cracks may not need treatment, but a vertical crack running into the tooth’s root or an entirely split tooth will. A fracture around a dental filling may need seeing to.

How much treatment is required depends on how bad the crack is. It might only need filling with a plastic resin or rounding and polishing to hide it. If sufficient tooth remains, a very thin veneer or porcelain could be attached to the tooth’s front; otherwise, a crown can be put over the tooth. With a very severe crack, though, we may need to extract the tooth and insert a dental implant.

To help prevent a tooth cracking, there are things you and your family can do. Everyone can clean and floss their teeth daily to maintain excellent oral health. Investigate any tooth grinding to prevent tooth damage. Teach everyone not to chew very hard food or ice. Make sure your family’s sporty ones wear a mouthguard for their sports.

For the sake of your oral health, you and your family should take any tooth cracks seriously. Yes – they should be brought to us at your Dentist Epping asap. And, yes – sensible behaviour should be used to avoid them.

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