Severe Toothache

Severe Toothache

What is the best thing to do if severe toothache hits you or a family member all of a sudden? It’s excruciating; you’re scared and don’t think you can manage.

When our surgery is normally open, you wouldn’t think about it and just call us at your Epping Dentist on our normal phone number – 9868 3037

But what should you do then if it is out-of-hours — in the middle of the night or on the weekend?

Do the same thing! Ring us on 9868 3037!

We at the Epping Dentist cover all possibilities for you and have set up an after-hours service on that phone number so you can get emergency assistance.

The person you speak to will ask what sort of pain you are having.

  1. Is it a sharp stabbing pain? Is it a dull throbbing pain?
  2. Did you have an accident of some sort and there’s blood and a cracked, chipped or missing tooth?
  3. Did the pain start out of the blue, or has an old pain suddenly got a whole lot worse?
  4. Is the pain in one place in your mouth, or is it widespread?
  5. Is your face or jaw swollen?
  6. Can you breathe easily?
  7. Do you have a high temperature?

If the after-hours dentist thinks the problem should be dealt with immediately, they will tell you where to go and discuss how to get there.

If the after-hours dentist thinks the problem can be dealt with in our clinic in the next day, they will let us know. They will also discuss what you can do in the meantime to lessen the pain so it is manageable until you see us.

They will probably mention taking a painkiller like ibuprofen or paracetamol (children younger than 16 should not take aspirin). Holding an icepack (or packet of frozen veggies wrapped in a clean towel) on the outside of the face or jaw near the pain for 20 minutes will reduce any swelling and lessen the pain. An adult can rinse their mouth with salty water (mix half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of slightly warmed water) – and spit it out afterwards. In the meantime, eat only soft foods like scrambled eggs or yoghurt that require little or no chewing (and avoid chewing on the painful teeth) – do not eat any sweet food. Elevating your head in bed higher than usual may help too.

Then call us at your Epping Dentist as soon as our clinic opens next so we can see you, investigate, and then deal with the toothache properly for you.


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