Smoking and COVID-19

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We at your Epping Dentist are concerned as smokers have more serious complications from COVID-19 than non-smokers. Smokers tend to suffer from a broader range of symptoms than the three characteristics of the disease: fever, shortness of breath and a persistent cough.

People who smoke who get infected tend to suffer from a more severe bout of COVID-19 than non-smokers and are more likely to need to be hospitalized. The mechanism for that increased severity of the disease is not yet precisely known, but it may have something to do with the damage it causes to smokers’ lung and heart health.

This new problem with smoking is in addition to an increased risk of oral cancer, i.e., cancer of the lips, tongue, gums, palate, throat, cheeks, the floor of the mouth or sinuses. Periodontitis can also be triggered by smoking. All these compromise a smoker’s immune system, which means it is already at a disadvantage if it also has to cope with the coronavirus.

Over the last few years, influenced by the bans on advertising and promoting it, plain packaging and graphic health warnings, the number of Australian smokers has dropped. However, one in eight people still smoke, an eighth of our population is still prey to the traditional health dangers in addition to the new one presented by COVID-19.

So, if you haven’t already quit smoking, the presence of COVID-19 in our community – and worldwide – makes it an especially good time to quit. It’s not an easy thing to do, but the benefits to your health and longevity are well worth the effort.

If you need some more information, you can look at the World Health Organization’s article at  It is called More Than 100 Reasons to Quit Tobacco.

We at your Epping Dentist are letting you know this as we want you and your family to be healthy. As dentists, we want you to avoid oral cancer and periodontitis! The Australian Dental Association tracks Australia’s oral health every two years and has found that the rate of periodontal disease has increased by about 10% since 2004. You don’t want to be one of those people!

Aside from smoking’s new influence on coronavirus disease, its influence on oral cancer and periodontal disease falls right within our province as dentists. If you would like some assistance in quitting or some extra information, your Epping Dentist is an excellent first port of call for you!

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