Most people these days know that obstructive sleep apnoea has something to do with snoring and is not a good thing to have – and it is mentioned on the website for your Epping Dentist at Rawson Dental, Epping.

But is obstructive sleep apnoea the same thing as snoring? Snoring is very common amongst adults – particularly these days when so many are overweight or obese – so does that mean that all snoring adults have obstructive sleep apnoea?

There is a relationship between these two – people with obstructive sleep apnoea do snore, but not everyone who snores has obstructive sleep apnoea.

So, the question still remains: if someone’s told you that you snore, how do you know if you’re just snoring, or whether you have obstructive sleep apnoea?

And in any case, what’s the problem with obstructive sleep apnoea anyway? People have always snored, haven’t they?

The problem is that obstructive sleep apnoea can badly affect your health. It can put a huge strain on your heart and increase your blood pressure – ultimately increasing the likelihood of heart attack, an irregular heartbeat, heart failure and stroke. It can make you drowsy during the day (which is not a good thing when you are driving or supposed to be working).

Anyone can have it, but it’s more likely, if you are a male over 40 years of age, are overweight and have either a large tongue or a small jaw – and if your family has a history of it.

To find out, talk with your Epping Dentist, as he or she will help you. You’ll need to see your health care professional so your snoring can be checked out professionally, to see if you do have obstructive sleep apnoea as well.

If you do have it, several things can be done – despite that fact that obstructive sleep apnoea happens, while you are asleep.

Sleeping on your sides (not on your back) might help. Wearing a device at night that uses air pressure to keep your air-ways open may help. Using an oral device (which your Epping Dentist can fit) to support your jaw to keep your airways open may help. It’s possible to have surgery for it too – as a last resort.

So do follow up on this, if you’ve discovered that you snore while you are sleeping – your heart will thank you for it!

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