Dr. Yuen-ee Teng


Dr Yuen-ee Teng graduated with Honours from the University of Sydney and was awarded the WJD Partridge memorial scholarship.

She has more than a decade of experience looking after the oral health of patients and is known for her gentle demeaner. Her genuine nature and ability to put the most anxious patients at ease is a big reason patients love seeing her. Dr Yuen-ee commits to keeping up to date with the latest dental knowledge and her focus is to provide treatments in a kind, safe and informed setting. She enjoys all facets of dentistry and has an expanding interest in implants.  Dr. Yuen-ee is also dedicated to community welfare. She enjoys volunteering her dental expertise internationally, with her most recent venture taking her to the northern Himalayas.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Yuen-ee loves being a mother, and is kept very busy by her 2 beautiful boys. She enjoys music, yoga, and is a self-proclaimed foodie.