Teeth whitening

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Like lots of other people these days, you might be interested in some teeth whitening, but initially, it’s best to talk to your Dentist Epping. There are various options, but there are also risks you must be careful of.

As you age, there are many reasons that your teeth may darken. The enamel on their outside can wear away for a start, which makes them look darker because the dentine underneath is yellowish.

A lot of the staining comes from the foods you eat such as berries, beetroot, sauces, and spices, or from what you drink – particularly, tea, coffee, and red wine. Their intense pigments attach themselves to your teeth enamel to make them appear darker. If you smoke, the tar and nicotine in cigarettes discolours your teeth and yellows them over time.

Some medicines that are used when the teeth are growing or traumatic damage to a tooth can affect its colour internally, where whitening gels cannot reach. An injury can encourage more dentine to grow to protect the tooth’s pulp, which can make the tooth look darker. If blood leaks into your tooth structure from an accident, a root canal treatment, or an amalgam filling, it will also look darker.

To avoid staining as much as possible, brush and floss your teeth every day. Rinse out your mouth with water after consuming any potentially staining foods/drinks. Do not smoke – even e-cigarettes.

For any tooth discolouration, it is best to talk to your Dentist Epping to find out what can be done in your case. That is particularly so for internal stains. Sometimes, we can even carry our internal teeth whitening!

At all times, great care is needed as whitening treatments can chemically burn your lips, tongue, gums, or nerve endings, or even increase the sensitivity of your teeth.

Using a baking soda paste is commonly advised on the internet but a smoother baking soda toothpaste that also contains fluoride is much better. Commercial whitening toothpaste can remove external tooth stains, but it can’t change the tooth colour very much. Professional dental cleaning or whitening treatment with us using stronger chemicals will do that.

Commercial do-it-yourself whitening kits have their risks and are not as effective as what we can provide at your Dentist Epping. But apart from that, the treatment must suit your situation – the sort of staining you have, its source, and your desired outcome. We can set you up for at-home teeth whitening under our supervision, carry out a speedier whitening in our clinic or use a combination of both.

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