Sleep dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Do you religiously clean and floss your teeth every day, but never go for a checkup – and haven’t had one for years? Having a dentist poking around inside your mouth just feels too personal!

At your Dentist Epping, we are very aware of this issue AND we have a solution for you, so your oral health is assured.

We offer what is called Sleep Dentistry.

With Sleep Dentistry, you do not have to worry about being freaked out by the dental equipment in your mouth with its noises, tastes, sounds and smells – let alone needles and pain. You can let go of your anxiety about not having the dental care you know you should have – or potential long-term oral disease! You can come in for a checkup because you will know that you can follow through with any procedure your dentist recommends.

Your Dentist Epping at Rawson Dental is delighted with Sleep Dentistry as it allows you to have your entire dental care attended to. With Sleep Dentistry, it is done safely and effectively, without any extra trauma. Your anxiety and your dental needs are both cared for in one easy and relaxing visit.

So how does Sleep Dentistry work in practice?

When you come to us for a Sleep Dentistry procedure, we have a medical doctor in attendance as well. After you are comfortably in the chair and covered with a blanket to keep you warm, the doctor puts a blood pressure cuff on one of your arms to monitor your blood pressure for the entire procedure.

The doctor then inserts a wonderfully fine needle into your other arm, so a cannula can be inserted and left there for use during the procedure. The doctor repeatedly delivers tiny doses of the sedation drug to you via the cannula. These slowly take you to – and keep you at – a relaxed, dreamy sleep-state. Your blood pressure and breathing remain under your control.

When you are properly sedated, the dentist starts work. You will be completely unaware of anything happening in your mouth – even any injections!

If the dentist asks you to cooperate in some way, you will without any awareness – and will then drift off again. Incredibly, when it is all over, and you wake up fully, you will probably not remember a thing. Your time in the chair will seem to have been momentary, and you will have a heightened sense of wellbeing.

AND all your dental work will be finished – without your feeling any of it! You might even feel refreshed from a bit of extra snooze!

We at Dentist Epping are delighted with Sleep Dentistry as it allows your anxiety and dental needs to be cared for in one easy and relaxing visit. For you, it provides peace of mind, as it is now possible for you to follow-through with the recommended dental procedures on top of your careful cleaning and flossing!