White spot removal

white spot removal teeth

Your Epping Dentist can help your son or daughter if they have white marks on their teeth, which are much whiter than the surrounding tooth enamel. Their white colour looks very solid (opaque) compared with the rest of the tooth enamel.

These are called white spot and are often caused by hypomineralisation (i.e., the under-mineralisation) of the tooth enamel by calcium salts. Whereas normal enamel is slightly transparent, you can’t see into a white spot. Sometimes they become brownish as they stain easily.

People with white spot tend to be uncomfortable about their appearance – and don’t want to smile.

We have a very effective technique for dealing with it at your Epping Dentist. It involves weekly visits over four to six weeks that use up to three different techniques.

We carry out some procedures at the weekly visits, and the patient does some things at home each day.

At the initial visit, we create a customised home tooth whitening tray for the patient to lighten any dark tooth enamel and decrease the contrast between the tooth enamel and the white marks.

After that, we do a mild microabrasion of each tooth to remove some of the more superficial white marks and reveal the deeper ones to absorb more of the White Mousse we will apply. The teeth are then rinsed, and White Mousse is immediately applied. It remineralises the under-mineralised areas of white spot.

Similar microabrasion and White Mousse applications occur at each subsequent visit.

The patient also has a vital routine at home each day, which involves teeth whitening, applying White Mousse and teeth cleaning.

This Epping Dentist technique is very effective. It gradually mineralises the white marks, so they look like normal tooth enamel while darkening the old tooth enamel and matching the two areas. Patients no longer need to worry about smiling!

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