Horizontal tooth fracture

A blow to your face near your mouth in an accident or while playing a contact sport can be dangerous. If that happens, please come to see us at your Epping Dentist as soon as you can. One of our friendly dentists can then examine your teeth in detail to ensure there is no damage to any of your teeth – or their roots. The sooner we can diagnose a cracked tooth, the better, as there is more chance then that the tooth can be saved, rather than extracted. Sometimes, you may not realise that one of your teeth was…

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periodontal disease dentist epping dentist




Obesity and Periodontal Disease

Are you overweight by any chance – or do you have periodontal disease? Researchers have found that people who are obese are more likely to have periodontal disease – and people who have periodontal disease are more likely to be obese. Apparently, they have this relationship as each of them causes general inflammation in the body, which then makes the other more likely. Unfortunately, they can each have highly undesirable outcomes long-term, so having both would be double the trouble. So, if you are overweight or obese, please come to see your Epping Dentist at Rawson Dental, so we can…

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Could My Child be Missing Some Teeth?

If you are doing all the right things by your little children – a healthy, non-sugared diet and with daily tooth cleaning and flossing – you may wonder if it’s really necessary to bring them for a regular check-up with us at your Epping Dentist. Well, yes, it is still a very good idea for your child to have a regular dental check-up, so we can monitor the general dental condition of your child’s mouth, teeth and jaws and keep an eye out for any anomalies. This sort of regular monitoring is even more important if you know that someone…

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Early Childhood Caries – food and drinks

Can a baby or a toddler really get dental caries, decayed teeth? Can someone so young need to get fillings in a tooth… or even lose teeth because they are so extremely decayed? Unfortunately, your friendly dentist at the Dentist Epping will say yes to all of this, but this same friendly dentist will also tell you that this can be prevented! Your babies and grandbabies can avoid having tooth decay if some steps are followed! For the first part of this you minimise the baby’s first teeth and gums having lengthy or frequent contact with sweetened liquids. Right from…

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Sleep apnoea

Most people these days know that obstructive sleep apnoea has something to do with snoring and is not a good thing to have – and it is mentioned on the website for your Epping Dentist at Rawson Dental, Epping. But is obstructive sleep apnoea the same thing as snoring? Snoring is very common amongst adults – particularly these days when so many are overweight or obese – so does that mean that all snoring adults have obstructive sleep apnoea? There is a relationship between these two – people with obstructive sleep apnoea do snore, but not everyone who snores has…

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